Hello Summer, hello Eximia!

Hello summer, hello Eximia!

Hi there! If I say I browse a lot on Pinterest, I think I’m not the only one. And that’s where I found my inspiration for this top. When the Eximia released in December 2018 I even made three versions while testing. All in winter time. So now it was time to use the Eximia pattern for a summery version and that’s what I did to get this lovely version.

I wanted to create an asymmetrical t-shirt. As I wanted to play with color I used this floral french terry and a matching coral cotton knit. 

This is how I did it:

  1. I decided I wanted to have a length of 43 cm or 17” for my back and left front and measured from my armhole to the bottom and cut the rest of.

       2. I doubled my front panel on pattern paper. My side seam line is drawn at 43 cm or 17”(as the other pattern pieces). 

           I drew a new line (blue line) straight down from ⅓ from my shoulder to base line and lengthened it with 11 cm or 4,3”.

           Connect this line with the side seam line and you have a new pattern piece.







       3. Up to my left front. I finished it at 2 cm/ ¾” with my twin needle. 

       4. Finish your right piece.

       5. Lay your right piece (asymmetrical part) on top of it and baste it at the neckline.

       6. Fuse your shoulder seams at the wrong side of back piece with fusible tape.

      7. Lay your back piece, right sides together, on your new created front piece. 

      8. Pin your shoulder seams and side seams and sew.

9.  Sew the side seams of your sleeves together and sew them in the armopening.

      10. Use your twin needle to hem your sleeves and bodice hem.

      11. Sew your neckband to the neckline.








I really like this length to wear on my jeans. 

This ¾ th length sleeve is perfect for this time of the year but you can shorten/lengthen it to your own preference. 

I considered sewing the two front panels and sewing five buttons on the vertical seam. I do not know if I will sew the buttons on it, but I certainly will sew the two panels together. Imagine you would just stand somewhere and a gust of wind makes your lingerie visible. We don’t want that 😉

Link to the pattern, available in Dutch, French and English : #affiliate Eximia Sweater 

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2 thoughts on “Hello Summer, hello Eximia!

  1. Fantastic shirt! You have inspired me. I have 2 matching fabrics and didn’t know what to do with it, but now I have seen your t-shirt!! Wow!! Thanx

    1. Hi I’m so glad I inspired you. So curious to see your new Eximia now! Please tag me if you post it!

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