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A fun sweater to wear. This Sweater is made to wear on top of a singlet (hemd in Dutch), tank top, slim fitted under shirt or short sleeved shirt with a lower neckline. The Sweater is featuring a dropped shoulder, wider fit. Made for more stable stretch fabrics such as frech Terry, stable jerseys, summer sweat etc. More pictures can be found in our Facebook group album.

Options are Short length (cropped in front), Medium length (just below the belly button in front) and Long length (at crotch length in front. Sleeves are 3/4 length and long length.

The pattern is designed to be printed on letter size or A4 size paper. Pattern is made with trimless pattern pieces. No more cutting your pattern if you do not want to! There is also an A0 size added to this pattern (in color).

The pattern PDF file is made to be printed using the <strong>Adobe Acrobat Reader </strong>(free).Please follow the <strong>instructions </strong>on how to print your pattern pieces to get them in the correct size (instructions file).

(Fabric and size chart can be found in the pictures)


  • Trimless pages!
  • Sizes 34 to 54
  • Imperial (inch) and metric (cm) charts
  • Seam allowance is included (3/8″-1cm).
  • Instructions PDF file with illustrations and pictures
  • PDF pattern file letter-size/A4
  • PDF pattern file A0 with layers
  • The option to only print the size you need (Acrobat reader layered option)
  • Pattern layout
  • Fabric chart
  • Finished measurement chart
  • Summary in writing
  • Summary in graphics

If you have any questions, please send your e-mail to or ask on our Facebook page or join the Sofilantjes Sew and Show facebook group and show what you made or ask questions.


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