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Guestpost: How to draft a bust dart for the Litore dress

The wonderful Vickie White has offered to show us how she drafts the bust dart for the Litore Tunic and Dress(es) for her beautiful developing tween. I love the way her dresses turn out. She also used the same method on the Solis dress she made her tween. Thank you Vickie!


step one: Measure the child and cut pattern to size. For mine I did a size 12 with 14 length.

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Making a dress from the ADV Tee Pattern

Thanks Anne for having me again, I am so excited to share how I made a new dress for my daughter using the ADV Tee pattern!

Op verzoek van Sofilantjes Sew and Show leden werden de naaistappen van deze hack vertaald naar het Nederlands door Miranda van Inspinration, het zijn de cursief gedrukte stukjes.

The best part about sewing for my kids is that if I come across an adorable outfit, I don’t have to buy it, but I can MAKE it! While online shopping the other day, I came across this adorable dress that would be perfect for my 4 year old daughter. As I sat there and looked at the bodice part of this dress I thought, hey that sure looks like I can use the Sofilantjes ADV Tee to recreate this look.

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Guestpost: How to turn the Litore straps

close up side litore dress-sofilantjes

Straps: how to make them with a serger.

A little introduction before starting this guest blogpost: my name is Patricia and I’m one of the admins on the Sofilantjes Sew & Show Facebook group.
When making the Litore Tunic/ Dress you are making thin straps. This can be challenging when you have never done this or maybe even when you have made straps before but had a hard time turning them.
You could choose to just sew the sides and then take a turning tool to do it, but you can also use a long thread from your serger to turn them. This technique is the one I will be showing you in this blogpost.