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The Hibernis/Semper or Omni. what’s the difference?

I’ve been getting questions about the difference between the Hibernis Cowl Shirt, the Omni Tempore and the Semper Sweater. Most people think they ‘look similar’. I agree they do a little. But if you look closer they are not. Let me tell you why.

I made a chart to show you the differences. But let me walk you trough them first. First let’s show them to you in one post. First up, the Hibernis Cowl Shirt.

The Hibernis Cowl Shirt is made to fit girls (pink chart). It has a slimmer fit and is curved towards the waist. The sleeves are normal sleeves. The optional side panel is made out of two pieces that holds two pockets. One pocket is the width of both side panel pieces and one pocket the width of one side panel piece (small one). Both pockets are made with a higher and a lower side. The Cowl is a separate cowl that sits loose on top of the neckline (like a scarf). It is being hold in place by the plackets. A fun options is that you get to use the Nivalis sleeves and neckline options on the Hibernis Cowl shirt and vice versa.

Next the Semper Sweater.
dragon Semper Sweater-Sofilantjes Hood

semper sweater size 5 option B

The Semper Sweater is a Raglan sweater. So it is made using a Raglan sleeve. The optional side panels are made out of one piece and you have only one pocket to add, that is a square pocket. The neckline options are a sewn in Cowl or a Hood with a split at the Raglan (shoulder) seam. The Semper Sweater is made using a boys/unisex chart. A different chart with different measurements than the Hibernis Cowl Shirt (yellow chart vs. pink chart). Unlike the Hibernis Cowl shirt, this shirt is not a slim fit and doesn’t curve at the waist. A curved waist usually isn’t a good look on boys right? 😉

And last the Omni Tempore.

The Omni Tempore is also a boys/Unisex pattern (yellow chart). The fit is just a tad slimmer than the Semper Sweater but that is mostly in the sleeves and the neckline. There are normal sleeves and the neckline is a bit less wide than the Semper Sweater. It’s more V shaped. Options are a Collar or a Hood. Both fold over on the front. There are no side panels and the only pocket option is the kangaroo pocket on front. There is a waistband option but you have another option to hem the bottom of the shirt.

The Hibernis Cowl Shirt chart.
The Semper Sweater chart.

If you are still confused or just like to see all differences in one chart. I made one just for you! Klick the link to open.


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