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Tutorial: How to create a Victor and Domi jumpsuit

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Marrie Claude is here to teach you how to sew a Victor/Domi Jumpsuit.

  1. Add 1 inch- 2.5 cm length to one shoulder so you’ll have ¾ inch – 2 cm to fold at the end.

  2. Cut following the angle of the shoulder.

3. Cut the other shoulder following the original pattern. That shoulder will be sewn as written in the Victor instructions.

4. Repeat step 2 and 3 for the back bodice. 

5.  Make sure you cut the extra inch – 2.5 cm on the mirrored shoulder of the front bodice.

6. Add length to one armhole band. I added 75% of the inch – 2.5 cm that I added on both sides of the shoulder so 1,5 inch – 4 cm total.

7. Repeat step 6 for the neckband.

8. Press interfacing on both sides of the longer shoulder to prepare for the snaps or buttons.

9. Sew the short shoulder and divide the neck in 4 equal parts.

10. Sew your bias or band on the neckline. Raw ends with raw ends of shoulder.

11. Place front and back right sides together and sew the side seams.

12. Sew the closed armhole as written in the Victor instructions and sew the open shoulder with instructions below.

13. Fold the raw end of both sides by ¾ inch – 2 cm to the wrong side of the fabric. Topstitch.

14. Apply snaps or buttons.

15. Your top part is now done. 

16. Sew Domi sweatpants following the instructions of that pattern.

Tip! Before sewing both parts together, measure a jumpsuit that already fits on your model to know how mmucht take off on the top. For size 5, I took off 1,5 inch – 4 cm.


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