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Solis meets Vallis

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Hi there, Ilse here from @sewsewilse. I’m so glad to be on the blog again and to show you my newest dress. I can say I’m really in love with it because it has all the elements I want for a dress!

First of all I matched the Solis and Vallis dress. The Solis is a cheerful summer dress and the back part is so special. Lovvve!  Normally the Solis is combined with a circle skirt or a skirt with pleats, but I liked the handkerchief hem skirt from the Vallis so much that I wanted to combine it. This was easy peasy. My bodice (regular bodice) made in size 42 and my skirt in the same size matched perfectly together.

Here you see both patterns

And the beautiful back part of my dress.

Second, of course you need a gorgeous fabric with the perfect colors, print and drape to achieve this look. I chose this Swafing Boho Blooms jersey from Senza Limits. It’s a viscose jersey in petrol and flowers. Lately I prefer to work with viscose jersey. Viscose jersey is soft natural fibre and it drapes so beautiful. And that’s what I need for a dress.

Yes, I have a sewing tip for you. The bodice is lined as you know and I sewed clear elastic on the lining part from the neckline and armopening while I was sewing the main and lining together. While I was sewing I stretched the elastic just a tad. I’m doing this so the upper part fits my body nicely and this way this part can’t stretch out. I also used clear elastic on top of my skirt for the same reason and this way it will contribute to the sustainability of the garment. The clear elastic I used has a width of 6 mm and I use it a lot. When do you use clear elastic?

It was obvious I would finish the handkerchief hem with my twin needle. It gives it such a nice finish! I used the same fabric for the whole dress, but the back piece is ideal for color blocking. You can do it and create it as you wish 🙂 And did you know you can twin with your daughter? Both patterns are available on its own or as a bundle. All patterns are available in English, Dutch, French and German. 

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Making the SolisVallis dress was so fun to do. The bodice part from the Solis is constructed so genius! I’m sure I’ll use this pattern to sew more of these tops. Now I have two gems of dress patterns in one. I’m ready for the sun and warm weather and when it gets a bit colder I’ll wear it with a jeans jacket.

Thanks so much for these beautiful dress patterns @anne 


Ilse from @sewsewilse


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