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Nivalis: how to… part 2

Posted on | Anne | 1 Comment on Nivalis: how to… part 2

Guest post by MoonStar

Yesterday I told you how Sofilantjes decided to start working on some FAQ’s.
Quite a few of these Frequently Asked Questions involve parts of the instructions in the Sofilantjes patterns. Instructions are quite clear and I find all patterns pretty easy because of the combination of written instructions and graphics. But sometimes it happens that the confident beginner needs some extra help and even the more experienced sewist can have a temporary brain freeze.  And so I thought it would be nice to add some photo tutorials.

First pattern I’m tackling is the Nivalis Dress & Tunic, more specifically 3 questions we hear often:
How to…
hem the bottom (that strange corner part)
– sew the colorblock version
– make and attach the collar

Yesterday I’ve explained 2 ways to hem the bottom. Today’s post is all about the colorblock version of the Nivalis Dress & Tunic.

How to sew the colorblock version?

For this one I will be showing you step-by-step photo’s

Top and bottom pattern piece of front bodice

Important note: when making the colorblock version you need to read the instructions about which pattern pieces to use. Actually I think it’s important to read all instructions carefully before you start.

Right sides of the fabric together
Start by pinning the center of both pieces together
Pin the edges together, aligning the curves. Pin the corners first and then start pinning the rest of the curve.
When you would fold the top part up, it would look like this. Can you see the right shape coming together nicely?
Sew together and press
Right side should look like this
Finish the edge (with serger or use a overlock stitch or zigzag stitch on a regular machine) and press again

Repeat these steps for the back bodice pattern pieces.

You are now ready to continue with the instructions of the Nivalis Dress & Tunic.


Come back tomorrow to see how you can make & attach the collar to the dress.


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