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Guestpost: How to turn the Litore straps

Straps: how to make them with a serger.

A little introduction before starting this guest blogpost: my name is Patricia and I’m one of the admins on the Sofilantjes Sew & Show Facebook group.
When making the Litore Tunic/ Dress you are making thin straps. This can be challenging when you have never done this or maybe even when you have made straps before but had a hard time turning them.
You could choose to just sew the sides and then take a turning tool to do it, but you can also use a long thread from your serger to turn them. This technique is the one I will be showing you in this blogpost.

Here are the steps you need to follow when making thin straps:

1. Make a long thread with your serger, preferably just a bit longer then the length of your strap.

2. Position the long thread in the middle of your fabric piece; on the right side of the fabric.

3. Fold your fabric in half; right sides together. Make sure your serger thread is positioned all the way in the fold, so it doens’t get caught when you’re serging/ closing the strap.

4. Start serging/ closing your strap and make sure the thread doesn’t get caught by pulling the thread on the bottom of your strap every now and then.

5. Now pull the serger thread on the bottom of the strap. You might need to help the top by folding it in the top where your fabric starts going into the tube. You will also have to help the fabric a little bit to slide through the tube while you’re pulling the serger thread.
For the Litore Tunic/ Dress you’re recommended to add clear elastic to your straps when your fabric has more than 30% stretch.
To give you some extra visual support, I’m adding a few pictures on how I did this.
1. Serge your straps following the steps above. I only used a 0,6cm seam allowance
2. Sew the clear elastic along the seam allowance. I used a 3-point-zigzag on my regular sewing machine to attach it.
3. Now sew on the 1cm seam allowance with a stretch stitch

4. Turn the strap like shown above; I needed to help the beginning a bit more explicit, because with the clear elastic I used (0,9cm wide) it was a bit harder to turn

5. Give the straps a good press. Check the length of your finished straps. Cut them to the correct length.

Now your straps are ready for the next step: attaching them to the dress!


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