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A long sleeved Vallis, the Ni-Vallis!

Hi there, and a Happy New Year to you! I hope next year will give you lots of sewing time and inspiration to get creative with all these pretty Sofilantjes patterns! Today I would like to show you my new favorite dress which I made for these last holidays. I call it the Ni-Vallis!

Last summer I sewed myself my first Vallis. It went straight to the top of my most favorite dress to wear. But since it’s a real summer dress pattern it has no options for sleeves. I really wanted a dress though similar to the Vallis, only then with long sleeves. So that’s when I decided to do a mash-up with the Nivalis! Today I will show you how I did this.

I already had the Vallis pattern pieces cut out, as I made this one before. It’s recommended to start with this if you don’t have it yet. Compare your measurements with the charts and cut out your pattern pieces as needed. The only thing you don’t need for this Ni-Vallis are the armbands. For a fit suited for my length and preferences, I added 4 cm length to the bodice and 10 cm length to the skirt!

To make your Ni-Vallis, you first need to find out which measurements of the Nivalis suit you and then print the sleeves and the bodice pieces (at least the parts where you can see the armholes). As shown on the picture above I took my front bodice piece of the Vallis and placed it on top of the pattern pieces of the Nivalis. I lined out both the fold line as well as the shoulder seam and taped it together.

Then I drew a new line to make a new bodice pattern piece, as shown in the picture above. I liked my dress to have the same neckline as the Vallis, so for that part I just followed the line of the Vallis pattern piece. Then for the shoulder seam I followed the line al the way through the armhole and then followed the armhole line as it was given in the pattern piece of the Nivalis. This way I was sure the sleeves of the Nivalis would fit in my Ni-Vallis. Now as you can see the armskeys of both pattern pieces don’t line up, so I had to drew a line for the side seam. I drew a slightly curved line from the armscye down to the bottom of the front pattern piece of the Vallis. With this alteration the dress is a little less fitted around the chest than the Vallis would be.

For the back of the dress, I followed the same steps as above. The Vallis has a low back though, so for a winter dress it could also be you would like it to have a higher neckline. You can easily adjust this by following the neckline as given in the pattern pieces of the Nivalis instead of the Vallis!

With your new pattern pieces drawn and the other pieces of the Vallis already cut out, you can now cut your fabric and start sewing! In the picture above you can see the back of my dress with the low neckline. I love this back view from the Vallis and really wanted to keep it for this holiday dress, but next time I will also definitely make one with a higher back like the Nivalis.

And this way, my new favorite dress was born! Now I can wear my favorite kind of dress type all year long, with or without sleeves. I definitely love it, and I hope I’ve inspired you to try the same! If you still need the Vallis or the Nivalis, you can find them directly through these affiliate links:

Vallis: in Dutch, French or English
Nivalis: in Dutch, French or English

Can’t wait to see what you’re making. Happy sewing!

Love Cindy
Miss Maakt


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