Rimpel de Festum jurk

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Ready for something sweet? Add a ruffle hem to the Festum dress. Follow the directions below and do not forget to show us your result in our Facebook group or tag us on IG (@Sofilantjes_anne).

Arina made this tutorial; say hi on IG and thank her by following her account.

Measure on the pattern piece, the difference between skirt layer 2 and 3 and remember to write this down. Make skirt layer 2 as described and measure how much the circumference of the bottom is of the full skirt. Multiply this circumference by 1.6x and then divide by 3.

Example: The difference between length of skirt layer 2 and 3 is 13 cm, note this.
Your skirt circumference totals 3 meters.
Multiply this by 1.6. Then you end up with 4.80 meters. Divide by 3.
Then you end up with 1.60 meters, note this.

Next cut 3 strips of the 2 noted number.

So in my case 13 cm x 1.60 cm. Optional: Finish the top with a rolled hem.

Join the 3 strips with the short sides to a circle and press the seams open.

Place 1 long stitch 1 cm from the top and 1 long stitch 2 cm from the top. Do this in 3 parts, so at each seam stop and start again. These will be your gathering threads.

Pull on both, top threads to form wrinkles. Make sure you end up with an equal number of wrinkles in your strip.

Now you are going to pin the strip to the skirt. Use the bottom thread to determine where the strip should go. That thread will be right on the bottom of the skirt.

Sew exactly between the 2 upper gathering threads.

Optional: Finish the gathering strip at the bottom. Done!


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