Tutorial: How to sew a papilio skirt

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Sarah Schuurmans tested the Papilio for us and decided to get creative. She changed the dress into a top and skirt. We asked her to share her tutorial with you.

Thank you, Sarah!

Print out the pattern pieces for the skirt. There are three tiers.

Cut out the pattern pieces from the fabric. Also cut 2x extra tiers 3″- 8 cm wide and the same length as the top tier.

Assemble the skirt as described in the pattern. You can choose to add or omit pockets.

Place the 2 extra 3″- 8 cm wide tiers right sides together and sew the short sides. Next, fold this strip in half, wrong sides together.

Sew the double-folded tier all around to the top of the skirt. Leave a small piece open. This is where we will pull the elastic through.

Cut a piece of elastic as long as the waist of the model (+ seam allowance). Pull the elastic through the tunnel using a safety pin. Sew the ends of the elastic together.

Next, close the part you left open to pull the elastic through. Your skirt is ready.

Note: the skirt is longer than the dress because you added a waistband. It falls over the knee. If you want a shorter skirt, use a length 1 or 2 sizes shorter than the width.


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