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An Otium with a cool side.

Posted on | Anne | No Comments on An Otium with a cool side.

As the other ladies, it’s my first time on the Sofilantjes blog and I’m so honored with it! Every quarter I’ll try to inspire you with ideas around a Sofilantjes ladies pattern. Today I’m showing you my hack with the Otium. And I think it became a stylish but tough hack.

The Otium can be a shirt or a sweater with quite some options and it’s suitable for every season of the year. Just adjust your fabric or sleeve length. Besides the low back with a bow, you can sew the diagonal pocket. Actually, you can choose if you want to make the pocket functional or not by doubling the front pocket or not.

What did I do? I sewed my Otium as per the pattern and topstitched my pocket closed. I color-blocked my khaki jersey with the black jersey. And then it became exciting, because placing eyelets requires some concentration, phew! I chose not to provide the entire length of the bag with eyelets. Only the top side, otherwise it became too much!

As you see in the photo I didn’t close the side seams yet. This way it was easier to install the eyelets. I’m so glad I recently bought a plier for press fasteners. It’s a great and essential tool! It speaks for itself that you have to interface the place where you want to put the eyelets on the back. I provided a long strip of 1″ wide on both sides.

It’s always exciting to make holes in your garment. You never know if it will go wrong and then you have to start all over again.

After installing I could close the side seams and add my cuffs, waistband, and neckband.

At the local store, I bought a lace ribbon to thread through the eyelets from bottom to top. I actually found a lot of possibilities on the internet to thread a ribbon. I definitely love my Otium how it looks now! Do you also have an idea what to do with the ribbon?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading my post.

The highlighted #affiliate link brings you to the pattern.

Greetings, Ilse from @sewsewilse 


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