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Litore Tunic and Dresses: The Litore Tunic and Dress(es) is THE perfect summer dress pattern. It is beautiful, comfortable and girly. The back detail is beautiful and give you the option to play with colors and fabric scraps. She will stand out. This pattern has 3 skirt options and all options have 2 lengths! It makes a total of 6! options. The skirts to choose from are a High/Low circle skirt, a Handkerchief skirt and an A-line skirt. You can use the skirts on the Solis Tunic and Dress pattern.

Aura Bolero: The Aura Bolero is a beautiful bolero that looks like a short jacket. With clean lines in the front that also give you the option to color block. This bolero is perfect to wear over any dress but specially made to wear over our summer dresses. (Solis, Litore, Amare, Brueram, Nivalis)
There are three sleeve lengths to choose from: Short, long and 3/4. There are also two sleeve head options: A small gather or a pleated.


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