New Release: The Advena Top, Tunic, and Dress

It’s that time again! The latest pattern is releasing today, The Advena Top, Tunic, and Dress is a fun new pattern with lots of options and 2 size ranges.  The baby sizes range from NB/50 through 18m/86.  It comes in two lengths top and dress, two sleeve options, and 3 neckline options.

The girls version ranges in sizes 12m/8- through 14y/164.  It comes in three lengths top, tunic, and dress, three sleeve lengths short, 3/4, and long.  There are also 3 neckline options.

We have so much to show you so we’re going to get right into it.

First up we have the different lengths.

Next let’s look at the sleeve lengths.  The baby’s version only has 2 sleeve options

Let’s get into these necklines. These are my favorite part.

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Modifying the Back of the Velocitas

Do you love the colorblocking on the front of the Velocitas? Do you want to carry it to the back? Melissa, Amanda, and Deborah have you covered.  We have modifications for the back of BOTH versions of the Velocitas.

Let’s get started.

Option A
We need to prep our new back pieces.

1. Get your back bodice (1) and your front bodice Option A (2).  Place your front bodice piece on top of your back piece matching shoulders and mark where the front bodice ends on your back piece.

2. Now we are going to make your new colorblock piece. Trace the neckline, shoulder, and arm of the back bodice.  Make sure your length matches your front bodice piece.

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Not Just for Boys: The Velocitas Hoodie

De Velocitas Hoodie* is ons nieuwste unisex patroon, welke (het woordje unisex zegt het al) zowel voor jongens als voor meisjes geschikt is.

Zal ik je een geheimpje verklappen?
Je kunt van deze leuke trui ook een jurk van maken…
De dress add on patroondelen (die je kunt vinden in onze Facebook groep) ontworpen voor de Omni Tempore* en de Semper Sweater* passen namelijk ook op de Velocitas Hoodie.

Hoe gaaf is dat!

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New Release: The Velocitas Hoodie

It has been awhile.  A long while since we have released a boy’s pattern.  You have been asking, and your wait is finally over. Introducing The Velocitas Hoodie.  The Velocitas is available in sizes 12m to 14y.  There are 2 sleeve lengths and 2 colorblock options.

Let’s see these options shall we?

Option A is the simple colorblock with a kangaroo pocket.

Option B has the colorblocked triangle without the kangaroo pocket.

Well, that’s it.  What do you think? We love it.  OH! I almost forgot.

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20,000 Members

Our Facebook group reached 20,000 members in December.  What an amazing accomplishment.  Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today.  For that the Sofilantjes team thanks you.

We wanted to do something to show how much we appreciate all of you.  Starting today until Sunday, February, 10 23.59 CET/ February 9 5:59pm EST use code YAY20K to take 20% off of patterns (excluding bundles).

We have another little surprise.  The Regina now has a low back and half circle skirt add-on.  Don’t own the Regina? That’s ok.  Use the code and get it for 20% off.

Now who wants to see the low back in action?  Our testers are a HUGE part of helping us grow.  They do amazing things with our patterns every time.  This time is no different.

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Twins it is…

Before you think we are having more human babies, read THIS post. You’ll understand this post better. Go ahead. We’ll see you back here in a few minutes.

Welcome back! Lets continue…

We promised to tell you about the other pattern we are releasing today. The Sylva* twin and this one is called Stella. Now, the name of this pattern is very personal. Stella means star or firefly, before miss Rainbow came along we lost a special little human in the making. So now we have our own personal star in the sky and to always remember that special little baby we named a pattern after it. So we are very pleased to introduce you to our Stella Jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit we designed matching our Miss Rainbow’s needs. Since she needs to be able to move, because seriously that girl will not stop moving…  she needs to look cute. A cute moving, (very) loud baby. So we designed a jumpsuit with a cute baggy bum. A bum that fits a (cloth) diaper without any problems. A bum that still gives all babies enough room to move around and a bum that just looks adorable. A big round diaper bum all wrapped in a beautiful jumpsuit made out of your special fabric.
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It’s twins!

Reading the title you must think we have some great baby news to share and we do. Just not like that… We are not having any more human babies in this house, but… we do keep adding pattern babies. The next best thing to us and better for you.

We are having twins. Today we are releasing two new baby patterns. One that you were asking for and one completely new one. Let me introduce you to the Sylva Top and Tunic for Babies*. Yes, now you can dress all your girls in the Sylva and your baby boys too, because we added a top length to the baby Sylva pattern. Yay for boys!

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Eximia Release Celebration Day 7

Day 7 already. Did you win yet? Did you enter one of the give aways. Or are you not taking a chance on missing the sale and bought the patterns….. Today we have two more chances for you. First up is Wild van Stof. Visit them on Facebook or Instagram and try your luck. Next go to Stof en Wol and enter through their Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to browse for the good fabrics when you visit both. You never know if you win this time. Or, if you do not have the time or just do not want to, buy the pattern on sale here: