Mix and Match

There have been a lot of questions about which patterns can Mix and Match.  So we made you a chart, so you can easily check.  Look at all of the different combinations you can make! We hope this helps!



Meet Our Bloggers!

We put out a call for bloggers and boy did you respond. We are so excited to finally introduce you to our inaugural blog team! We really love their style and hope you do too.  You may recognize some of these names and faces, if not you will soon.

Without further delay, we introduce you to the Sofilantjes Blog Team!

  Stephanie Bracelin has been sewing since she was six years old. She has a passion for high quality fabrics, vintage design, garment construction, and small design details. Stephanie sews for herself and her daughter, as well as her nieces and nephews. She’s had articles published in various US-based sewing magazines, such as Sew News. Stephanie also blogs at https://s-renee.com.  She currently resides in her hometown of Des Moines, Iowa.


Hello, I’m Ilse from @sewsewilse and I’m so honored to be a member of the blog team from Sofilantjes! I’m a Belgian teacher, luckily married and I have two sons 16 and 21.  Testing for the last seven years takes almost all my free time and is perfect to achieve new goals like new techniques and a full wardrobe 😉 I learn every day and am open to new things. Just like blogging for Sofilantjes.  I’m ready to dive into these super fun patterns and make something beautiful out of it! I’ll see you soon!

Hi there! My name is Milou and I’m one of the bloggers for Sofilantjes this upcoming year! I live with my husband and two cats, in the Netherlands. This November we are expecting our first baby and we’re so excited! I think I’ll be sewing up some Sofilantjes baby patterns the upcoming months 🙂  My day job is teaching Forensic Biology at a local university, but when I’m home you’ll probably find me in my little sewing room.  I’ve been sewing since I was a little kid and my mom taught me all the basics. I hope my blogs will help you get inspired to try Sofilantjes patterns, the new and the old. They are very well written and easy to follow and if you want to be adventurous, try hacking them to create even more possibilities, you’ll see some of that in my blogs too!  You can also find me at https://aemilia-madebymilou.blogspot.com.
Happy sewing! Milou

Hi! My name is Cindy, I’m 30 years old and I live in the Netherlands with my husband and two kids, Ninthe and Milas. I’ve been sewing for something over 3 years now. I wanted to learn how to sew for my kids, to make them pretty and unique clothes and so I started taking sewing lessons. Actually, I wasn’t quite good at it and it really took me more than 2 years before I finally started to understand what I was doing.
Sofilantjes started my fire. After two years of struggling to sew with incomprehensible patterns from magazines with incomprehensible instructions, I found out there was a whole online sewing community with PDF patterns. My first ever PDF pattern was a Sofilantjes, the Vallis. What a game changer!! It was in this same period, a little over a year ago, that I wanted to share my experiences with others and started my own sewing blog “Miss Maakt”. Since then sewing really has grown into a passion, even a job, and I really do have Sofilantjes to thank for this.
I’m really quite pleased to be back here in the place where it all started and to get the chance to join the Sofilantjes blog team. I’m really looking forward to sharing my blogs with you and I hope you will enjoy them just as much!

My name is Johanna Ali and I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  I started sewing 5 years ago when I saw a blogger on Facebook wearing this amazing skirt.  I later found out she made it herself and if I wanted one, I would have to make it myself too.  Everything that I’ve learned about sewing has been from YouTube and other sewing bloggers. I mainly sew for myself, but also enjoy making things for my son. I’m so excited to be a part of the Sofilantjes Blog team and I can’t wait to share my makes with you all.  You can also find me at soveryjo.com.

Hi! I’m Karly from Paisley Roots. I started my stitching journey 15 years ago, shortly after the birth of my first child. Being tall (6′  to be exact) and coming from a creative family, I was always intrigued with making my own clothing. I started blogging 7 years ago, mostly to document my sewing journey, and it’s something I just love doing! I’m very excited to be a team member of Sofilantjes and can’t wait to share my sewing journey with you!

We are thrilled with our choices and can’t wait for you to see what they have in the works.  Starting September 13th, every other week will be a new blog post (unless there is a pattern release) with something new for you. We hope you enjoy this first year with our blog team!

Optimum Racerback Light

Last month this pattern was released. My 10 year old is just over the moon with her Optimum dresses. It is a lined dress, but it can be very easily hacked into a single layer dress, or as many of the testers of the dress called it: the Optimum Racerback Light.

In this blogpost you can read how easy it is to make this unlined version.

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Domi play pants

One of the easiest hacks ever!

See, my girls love any twirling dress, or just any dress really. At the same time, twirling often shows their underwear, and they’re just not so good at sitting down very ladylike. Most of the time I will just leave it like that, but my 10 year old is getting more conscious about it. So she wears short leggings underneath or this Domi Sweatpants hack: the Domi play pants!

Wondering how to make it? Here is how:

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How to hem the Nivalis cap sleeves?

Long overdue, but finally the blogpost about the Nivalis cap sleeves.

It is one of the Frequently Asked Questions in our Facebook group.
Last year Nathalie posted a Dutch tutorial on her blog. Now it is time to have an English tutorial as well.
This will (finally) conclude the series on how to sew different parts of the Nivalis Dress. You can find parts 1, 2 and 3 through these links:

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New Release: Brevis Shorts

It has been HOT! Our last release was a sundress to beat the heat, and now we need some shorts.  This summer has been brutal.  The Brevis Shorts will help with some of that heat.

Our latest unisex pattern is the 1st pattern for our newest designer, Yvette. She has been working tirelessly on this and we think her hard work shows.

The Brevis shorts come in sizes 12m/80 – 14/164.  There are 2 lengths, above the knee and at the knee.  There are two pocket options.

Let’s take a closer look.

Above the knee:


At the knee:



Not just for the boys. The girls look great in their Brevis Shorts!

We also have a SVG bundle.  You can add some fun vinyl to your shorts.


We’re not going to keep you any longer.  Go get your copy of the Brevis Shorts.  It’s on sale from August 1 08.00 CET through August 5 08.00 CET. The pattern is on sale for €5,00 (excl EU taxes – €6,05incl EU taxes) no code needed.

You can get your copy here (affiliate links):

English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/brevis-shorts-english/?affiliates=53
Dutch – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/brevis-shorts-nederlands/?affiliates=53
French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/shorts-brevis-francais/?affiliates=53
German – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/brevis-shorts-german/?affiliates=53
And your SVGs here:
Pocket Bundle – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/pocket-bundle-files/
Be You Bundle – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/be-you-bundle-files/
Once you sew up your Brevis shorts come join is in our Facebook group, Sofilantjes Sew and Show, and show them off!

New Release: The Optimum Racerback Dress

It’s never too late to have a new sundress?  Summer is such a fleeting season, so we try to pack it all in here at Sofilantjes.  We needed something to rival the Solis and I’m more than sure we found it.

Meet The Optimum Racerback Dress. The Optimum is a beautiful simple summer dress. It comes in sizes 12m/80 – 14y/164.  It has 2 skirt options and a really cool racerback.

Time for a closer look.

Let’s start with the best part!



We even have a snap for the little ones.


3 Piece Skirt


6 Piece Skirt


I know we said there are only 2 skirt options, but that is absolutely not the case.  Here’s a graphic to show you just a small mix of some of the skirt options.


Now for the real thing.


We’re not going to keep you any longer.  Go get your copy of the Optimum.  It’s on sale from July 26 08.00 CET through July 30 08.00 CET. The pattern is on sale for €5,00 (excl EU taxes – €6,05incl EU taxes) no code needed.

You can get your copy here:
English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/optimum-racerback-english/

Dutch – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/optimum-racerback-nederlands/

Once you sew up your Optimum come join is in our Facebook group, Sofilantjes Sew and Show, and show it off!

New Release: Adult Litore Tunic and Dress

This pattern has been a long time coming.  We have been asked for it no less than 1,000,000 times (I may or may not be exaggerating).  Well, the wait is over.  The Litore is finally here.  I will not waste time with idle chatter.  Let’s get right into it.

The Litore has two bodice options, natural waist and empire waist.  The natural waist bodice skirt options are a high low circle, a straight skirt with tunic, knee, and maxi lengths.  The empire waist has a gathered skirt with tunic, knee, and maxi length options.

Shall we get into some pictures?

Natural Waist

Tunic and Knee:

High Low Circle and Maxi:

Empire Waist

Tunic and Knee:

High Low Circle and Maxi:

We also have a little extra surprise.  Do you have a Silhouette Cameo?  We also have some cut files available for purchase to customize your Litore even more.  You can purchase those here.

We are not going to keep you any longer.  The Adult Litore is on sale for €6,50 (excl EU tax) from July 17 08.00 CET through July 21 08.00 CET.  The bundle price is €15.80 (excl EU tax). You can get your copy using the links below.  These are affiliate links, so the author will get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you.  If you aren’t a member of Sofilantjes Sew and Show, come join us to show off your Litore.

English  https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/litore-women-tunic-and-dress-pdf-english/?affiliates=53







New Release: The Risu Dress

Some of you have already seen The Risu in Anne’s post for Project Run and Play and have asked for the pattern to be released.  Today is finally the day.  The Risu Dress is now available for you purchase!

I am just going to jump right into it.  I know you want to go purchase yours so you can join in our release game in our Facebook group, Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show.

The Risu has one length option, one neck option, three sleeve lengths, optional pockets and an awesome criss cross back. We rated it as intermediate, but if you are a confident beginner and take it slowly you will have no problems and if you do have a problem, come see us in the group.  There’s always someone around that will help.

We need some close ups.  Let’s start with the neckline. Aren’t they beautiful?  Our testers always do such an amazing job.

The Risu has 3 sleeve lengths.


3/4 sleeve:


Long sleeve:

The pockets are always a big hit! See for yourself.

Last but not least…  the BACK!

That is all.  We LOVE this dress.  Our little models love it too. The Risu will be on sale from June 6 08.00 CET (June 6 2:00am EST) through June 10 08.00 CET (June 10 2:00am EST).  The pattern is on sale for €5 – ex taxes (6.05 incl EU taxes), no code needed.

The below links do contain affiliate links, but they take you right to the pattern in the language of your choice. The author gets a small percentage of every sale.

Hear my roar

Let the world hear you ROAR. This is exactly how I feel when I look at this outfit. It is my week 3 competition outfit for Project Run and Play. This week it was something tried and true or something different. I went with different. The last two weeks I have drafted new dresses. This week I drafted nothing new. Not a single piece. You’d think this would save me time but nothing is further from the truth. This week I have spend almost all my free time sewing, but it is done!

Let the world hear you ROAR. Dit is wat ik voel als ik naar de outfit van deze week kijk. Truth or Dare is het thema van deze week. Maak iets ‘tried and true’ of maak iets anders. Ik koos voor anders. Deze week koos ik voor niet rekbare stoffen. Ik tekende zelf, in tegenstelling tot de voorgaande weken, geen nieuwe patronen. Nu zou je denken dat ik hiermee tijd zou winnen maar niets is minder waar. Deze week heb ik elk vrij minuutje aan de outfit gewerkt.
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