Welcome to Sofilantjes Patterns.

Feel free to browse our website and enjoy all the beautiful designs. If you have any questions, our team is here for you. There are a few ways to contact us. E-mail us at info@sofilantjes.com or visit us at Facebook . If you’d like to get pattern support and/or would love to become a part of our active community, come to our Facebook group.

Have fun on our page and thanks for stopping by. Please keep in mind that all content on this website including pictures and graphics are copyright protected, so if you would like to share any content that is published on our website, feel free to ask.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hoi,
    Ik heb net de solis voor dames besteld maar zie dat ik de engelse versie heb. Kan dit nog omgewisseld worden?
    Alvast bedankt voor je reaktie
    met vriendelijke groet
    Marieke Steeg.

    1. Hoi Marieke, stuur even een email met je ordernummer naar info@sofilantjes.com

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