Did you sign my petition yet?! We need Summer. We really do. And to prepare, we are sewing summer clothes… Ok, I am. Are you?

I sewed (this is the last one for now) a Semper Sweater. Yes, again. I needed to test the short sleeves too. So I picked a fabric that I have had over a year and once sewed a scarf from. The remaining piece was supposed to be a pyjama ad per my sons request, but you might have read that before. Guess I am not Always that good at keeping my promises… Oops. But lucky me, he likes it even though it is a summer shirt.

I made the short sleeve version, option B with pockets and hood. I love this hood. But I also love the cowl. And (I can’t believe I am writing this) I love the Raglan sleeve on it…..
grafiti semper sweater-sofilantjes3

There is not much left to say about his pattern other than:

Release is tomorrow!</

One thought on “We need Summer!

  1. Tamara says:

    I’m ready!

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