We started 2018 a little late, but we are here and we are introducing a great pattern. The perfect pattern to start a new collection for this fun year. We introduce to you the Vivax Top and Dress.

This fun pattern has two different necklines that you will love, 4 sleeve lengths in 5 fun sleeve options, and to round it out a top and dress length. Don’t forget that beautiful and fun round pocket. So many items to create with just this one pattern. Start buying more fabric…

Let’s start with some beautiful pictures of the round neckline. The colorblock on this neckline is not just in the front, it goes all the way around.  You get to use those small pieces of that perfect fabric you have been saving.

The other neckline option we added is a collar. This collar crosses over in front and stands up at the back of the the neck. It’s a looser fit and very comfortable to wear. During testing this option was the favorite. Can you see why? It’s just beautiful.

We added 4 sleeve lengths in 5 options. A short sleeve, a half sleeve, a 3/4 sleeve with color block, and 2 long sleeve options with  colorblocking. So many sleeve options!

We also added top and dress length.

Are you in love yet? You’ll love the sale price even more… Be quick and get this great dress pattern for only €6,05 (incl. EU tax). Sale will end on Tuesday 23.55 CET ( Tuesday 5:55pm EST)

Get it in your language here:
French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/vivax-haut-et-robe-pdf/?affiliates=53
Dutch – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/vivax-top-en-jurk-pdf-patroon-nl/?affiliates=53
English – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/vivax-top-and-dress-pdf-pattern-en/?affiliates=53

2 thoughts on “Vivax Top and Dress RELEASE

  1. Abbey says:

    You’ve got another pattern win here, Anne! The options though! Great work!

  2. A Jacobs says:

    Hoi Florina, je kunt via de email die je ontvangen hebt downloaden of via je account onder downloads. Voor beide dien je wel ingelogd te zijn. Alle patronen zijn persoonlijk en dus gekoppeld aan je account.

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