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Tutorial: Colorblock the Sleeve Stripe

Add colorblock to the sleeve strip of the Velocitas, Regem (add-on sleeve) or ADVTee (add-on sleeve). Not that you can colorblock almost anything. Sleeves are easy to start with. Read the steps below and let your creativity do the rest. Do not forget to show us your result in our Facebook group or tag us on Instagram (Sofilantjes_anne) so we can ooooh and aaah and flatter you by trying your colorblock ourselves.

Step 1.

Decide how high you want your colorblock to be. I chose a straight colorblock stripe. The stripes are 2″/ 5cm high. In total, I am adding 3 stripes. The bottom stripe looks wider but there is a hem allowance of 3/4″/ 2cm on that piece.

Step 2.

Find the fabrics you want to use. Cut out your stripes in your selected fabrics. Add 3/8″ / 1 cm seam allowance on the sides you are sewing the stripes. Excluding the bottom where the sleeve hem is and the top where the arm hole is.

Step 3.

The fun part. Lets start sewing! Match the bottom and top of the colorblocks and sew.

Always press your seam after sewing. This helps set the seam and makes it stronger.

Step 4.

Sew the remaining two stripes! Repeat the above step. Sew and press.

Step 5.

Inside view. If you skipped pressing in the previous steps, this is your last chance. Press.

Step 6.

Optional: Topstitch you colorblock pieces.

Step 7.

Finish the sleeve following the instructions. Press.


Well done. You mastered the colorblock.

This pattern is the ADVTee with free colorblock sleeve add-on.

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