It’s finally cooler, but it’s not quite cold enough for gloves.   Or if your children are like mine, they can’t keep up with any gloves.  They also pull and tug on their sleeves, which drives me insane, but I digress, lol.

How do we avoid that? THUMBHOLE CUFFS! Deborah was nice enough to demonstrate three different quick tutorials for thumbhole cuffs.  Try all three and let us know which is your favorite.

Method 1:

Method 2:


Method 3:

That’s it! Three different ways to add thumbhole cuffs without adding a ton of time to your project.  You can add these to any of our cuffs.  Be sure to show us your thumbhole cuffs on Facebook at Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show and IG @sofiantjes_anne.

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