We finally started testing our Nivalis Tunic and Dress!

This pattern is created with the same neckline as the Hibernis Cowl shirt. You know what that means right?! Yes! exchangeable options. How fun would it be to add the hood of the Nivalis to the Hibernis, or the cowl of the Hibernis to the Nivalis tunic. The fit of the Nivalis is slimmer than the Hibernis.

To get you in the mood and inspired, let me show you the very first and simple version of this beautiful new pattern that we are expecting to release in 1,5 week.


This is a combination of option A and B in tunic length. The front is option B, back is option A. My little girl is a bit taller than the size and the panel I used was just a tad to short for her size.

The Nivalis has 3 sleeve options: Long, 3/4 and cap sleeve. All sleeves are hemmed.


Fabrics I used for this tunic are a care bear panel from the Knit Panel Konnektion (FB group) and blue solid fabric from Michas Stoffecke. Both have a minimum of 30% stretch, wich is required due to the slim fit of this pattern. Oh, and that extra cutting line on the side of the care bear fabric is not part of the pattern. My panel wasn’t wide enough……

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4 thoughts on “The Nivalis Tunic and Dress is coming

  1. Crea Minne says:

    another lovely pattern!

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you

  2. inspinration says:

    Ready to start spring sewing, so yeh for cao sleeves! Asked to join the group, I need jersey panels!

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