The Brueram top and dresses review post, a summary

Do you like the Brueram top and dresses? So do we. But if you are still in doubt. Here are a few blogposts for you to read. This really is a beautiful pattern. And if you are very quick you can still get it on sale HERE.

Check out the review of a very pretty Maxi version and Tulip version. I so love this little girl. And her mom is just awesome!

How about a big girls version.
Creative Bug blog

And this one is just so sweet. She added a button placket.
The craft is in me blog

Oh I so love this little face.
Frail designs blog

A review about the very skinny adjustment. This dress looks great on her.
Boutique Birdie blog
maxi 12 skinny

Add pockets and bias tape and you get a fun dress that hold stones and other non- washing machine approved 😉
Inspinration blog

Or use a very romantic fabric. I love blue!
Sprouting Jube Jube blog

This dress truly is a closet staple. The wide traps are perfect for school. Great to wear when it gets warmer but still enough coverage. And with a cute cardigan still good for the less hot summers or even winter!

Do not forget to come to our Sofilantjes Sew and Show group and get inspired or show off what you made. And off course ask any question you have.

Love the dress but do not have the time or you do not sew. Check out this Etsy shop. She will sew it for you.
brueram top frontbrueram top back

Or if you are UK based. Here’s a another shop.
brueram top sz3

4 thoughts on “The Brueram top and dresses review post, a summary

  1. thank you Anne, this dress is amazing and one of my favorites. I love everything about it and all these different options are inspiring.

    1. Thank you. I love it to.

  2. Thank you for taking on this pattern/design! You are outstanding in your creativity and sharing it with others. I always look forward to what you have coming next and this particular pattern is definitely one of our favorites… right next to the Iridis wrap dress! 🙂

    1. That is very sweet of you. I loved your idea. And I am very happy I got to work with you.

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