Have you seen our release post yesterday? Did you love all the pictures as much as I did? If you did not get your copy yet, today is the last day to get the pattern on SALE for only $5!

You really should get this pattern. It is such a cute pattern and I love all the versions I made so far. Let’s start with my boy’s versions and I will show you my girl’s versions in another post tomorrow. (Yes I know sale will be over by then but you have bought it already anyway right? lol)

ADVTee piano 4

If you follow me on Instagram , you have seen the back of this shirt before. This is my little mister in his Piano shirt. I so love how this shirt turned out. The fabric has been in my stash for a loooooong time waiting for the perfect project. That back looks so great! But I also love the front.

ADVTee piano 8

The Yoke front option was the perfect option for this fabric. Do you see how I changed to the whiter part of the fabric for that shoulder piece? I love that subtle change.

ADVTee piano 6

So I have a confession. This shirt is not hemmed. I added a bottom band. I added them to both his shirts to be honest. I had a huge fight with my cover stitch machine and had to cut of length to same both shirts. And what is the best way to add length? Yes, a bottom band. Let me show you his other shirt.

ADVTee V-option green 2

The colors on this shirt are so beautiful. The block stripes look great and I loved that I was able to find matching ribbing (joyfits again). I added sleeve cuffs to this shirt because of the same reason I added the bottom band. If you have bought this pattern and would like to add them but need help? Come to our Sofilantjes Sew and Show group on Facebook and we will help you.

ADVTee V-option green 4

This simple V-neckline is why I designed this shirt. I love a beautiful V-neck shirt on boys. Just love it.

ADVTee V-option green 7

Tomorrow I will show you my girl’s versions, I promise 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “The ADVTee (last day of sale)

  1. Aukje says:

    Great shirts! Especially the one with the piano fabric. Do you have any idea where you have bought it or from whom it is?

    1. Anne says:

      I bought it at Joyfits but she does not have it anymore. I do know a shop in Finland still has it but sending fees to the Netherlands are really high. Other shops I do not know. Sorry!

      1. Aukje says:

        Thanks for the comment! Which shop in Finland sells it? From which designer is it?

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