Ready, set, gooooooo. Ready to release this awesome looking, very quick sew, beginner friendly new pattern. The Sylva top and Tunic.

We choose the name Sylva in Latin. It is a translation for wood, woodland, forest. We love the forest and this tunic and top would be perfect to wear to the forest. It’s the perfect pattern for mid seasons. Like the one we are in right now and with the three different sleeve options it can be adjusted to all seasons. Plus there is a little extra ease in there to sew it up in an heavier knit if you wish…

Options? Yes, ma’am. We always have options. Want to see them? No problem. Let’s start with a summary of options shall we?You get:
* three different sleeve lengths
* two neckline options
* two bodice lengths

First up. The V-neck option. My favorite and the most simple option there is. This option is beginner friendly. And if you do not create a front and back with your choosen fabric, the perfect option for your child to get dressed by themselves. There will not be a front or back so getting dressed will never be easier for them… I see a win win situation.

Next, the hooded version. A beautiful hood and fun placket in front. Perfect for colorblocking if you wish too.

The top length is a less common thing for our girls patterns. Usually we create dresses, but with so many dresses in the little Diva’s closet we needed a top. And it turned out, so did a lot of you. The top length is so cute on these girls.

But the tunic length is just as cute.

See I told you it is a great pattern. And I love that they all look great in it. Little and big. And… It’s all in the details right?

On to more info about the pattern details and SALE.
The pattern comes in sizes 12M/80 to 14y/164. It is made for knit fabrics. The instructions come in either Dutch or English. Pattern pieces come in letter/A4 size. The pattern will be on release SALE for 48 hours. You can get yours for only €5,- excl EU taxes. Plus, you get a chance to win your money back. More info on how to win your money back is in our Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show group. See you there!
Link to the Dutch pattern HERE
Link to the English pattern HERE

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