Almost two months ago miss Rainbow was born. Two months before her birth we released our first onesie pattern and today we are releasing the second. Today, we are releasing the Sylva Onesie, the little sister of our popular Sylva Shirt and Tunic. The Sylva Onesie has the same symmetrical V shaped neckline that will make dressing your little one easy. In contrast to the Sylva shirt, the Sylva Onesie is a unisex pattern. The unique V shape is suitable for both girls and boys. The Sylva onesie comes in both short and long sleeves.

Let’s start out with some pictures of Miss Rainbow herself. We showed her off on Instagram already, but we did not show her on the blog yet. Both onesies have extra special fabric. You will not have to guess why the rainbow colored fabric is special, but the grey one is extra fun because in that same fabric Anne wore a Vallis during pregnancy. A onesie in general is perfect for using treasured fabric due to the size of the garment, but the color block of the Sylva makes the pattern extra suitable, because even smaller fabric remnants can be turned into unique garments.

Our testers did a great job again and many of them got so excited that they sewed up several. Seeing all those cute little ones in their beautiful onesies did make several testers long for the time that their babies were super tiny. Fortunately, the Sylva is also the perfect baby gift. Even if your own little one is much bigger already, you will often have the opportunity to make one of your friends or family happy with a beautiful handmade gift.


The onesie comes in a wide size range, from newborn to 86 /18M. This means that we did not only have tiny little ones in our tester group, but also older ones that are already standing and/or walking, and they are just as cute and comfortable in their Sylva onesies as the smaller ones.

Now that you have seen pictures of the fit of the onesie, let’s take a look at some detailed pictures. The Sylva neckline has a subtle overlap that is the same on the front and the back and sews up quick. The neckline is perfect for some decorative stitching. The legs are finished with a bias binding. The first time sewing a jersey bias might be a bit of a challenge but all the testers agreed that with every new onesie it quickly became easier. Do not be afraid if you have not done it before. Just take your time, pin well, and you will amaze yourself how nicely it all comes together.

Several of our testers use washable diapers, and our onesies also easily cover bigger bums as well. Make sure that you measure your little one without diapers though when you determine the size.

Our testers were creative with the color block options, which means that we have examples of many different variations. The Sylva looks great in one color, but also with the upper body pieces and sleeves in a contrasting color. Having two color sleeves and even just one of the upper body pieces in a contrasting color gives amazing results.

You can now find the Sylva Onesie in our webshop.

English pattern:

Dutch pattern:

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