Swimsuit season is here! Well, in Arizona it is pretty much “swimsuit season” all year.  My daughter lives in the pool during summer.  I like to make her suits that can also function as a summer outfits because of the numerous 110+ degrees F days that we have.

One of my all time favorite patterns is the Solis dress from Sofilantjes.  I wanted to make that into a swim top, so that my daughter can have a comfortable/practical suit, but also super cute!

I cut out her proper size of the solis top, neck strap, and back strap according to her measurements. I cut out the main fabric in swim (nylon spandex) and the lining in a swim lining (other fabrics could be used, but I thought it would be best to keep to swim fabric because of how much she will be in pools and water).

I wanted to add a few cute details to the pattern, so I made the back strap into a “bow” by adding on a small loop before attaching the back strap to the back bodice. 

small piece of fabric for the bow loop








after it is sewn long right sides together










sewn into a loop, and slipped over the back strap











I also added some ruching to the sides of the bodice! I love ruching on seams.  All you need to do is measure the bodice seam, and cut a piece of elastic (for the suit I used swim elastic) that is approximately the length that you want the bodice to be. Sew the bodice as instructed. After the side seams are complete, flip the main fabric up, so that the main seam is showing. Lay the swim elastic on top of the seam, and gently pull the elastic until it reaches the end of the side seam. I left about 1” to account for the hemming. 


cut the elastic according to the length you want the side seam to be











opened bodice with elastic on the main bodice sewn seam









start here, and stretch the elastic to the bottom as you are sewing











Right side out after sewing the elastic











I needed to cut off just the corner of lining that was overhanging, so that I could complete the hem.

portion that I trimmed off










hem the bottom of the bodice










Here’s the finished top!










So, now that my daughter has a top, she needed a bottom…

Enter the Domi Sweats.

Now, this pattern is supposed to be a looser fitting sweatpant, not a tight swim bottom.  I sized down 2 sizes, and instead of the elastic waistband, I just measured the swim bottom waist, and took off about 1-1.5” (usually 80% of the length will get a great fitting waistband, but it definitely depends on your fabric choice). I cut a piece of swim fabric 2” wide by the measurement of the waist (minus 1-1.5”) with the stretch of the fabric going side to side. I cut the length about 2” down from the crotch point.

I made the pattern according to instructions, and attached the waistband by sewing side seams of it together, then stretching it as you attach it on to the shorts. Hem them to the right length, and there you have it.  I also added a tiny bit of ruching to the side seams of the shorts.


















Now I want to make all of the Sofilantjes patterns into swimsuits, so my daughter can have a great summer “wardrobe”. 

I think I will make myself a Solis Top with the Women’s pattern that was just released too.  Good thing my daughter is still young enough to think matching clothes are still cute!

Thanks for reading! 

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