Hi there again!

After a little break due to the birth of our baby girl Amelie I’m back and guess what… of course I made clothes for the baby!

As we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl I bought some neutral colors and prints I liked in a stretchy fabric and decided to sew up the Stella Jumpsuit in several sizes (NB – 1 month – 3 month). As my maternity leave started it was nice to follow a pattern that was pretty straight forward, so after cutting all the parts sewing started.

But then labour started 10 days before my due date! Oh no! I managed to get 2 hours of sewing done, but wasn’t able to finish before our baby girl was born! But in the following weeks I was able to finish the pieces when the baby was sleeping. Sewing up this pattern was a real breeze as the main body is only 3 pieces. Just make sure you have cut the pieces as exact as possible to get all pieces to line up nicely.

Attaching the cuffs on the sleeves and legs was a little bit fiddly as it was just so tiny, especially on the new born size. To make it easier I pinned the cuff with right sides together on the outside and then turned the piece inside-out. This way you can put your presser foot into the sleeve/leg and are able to stretch the cuff to fit the sleeve/leg. I finished all seams with an overlocker to have no raw edges.

Instead of metal press fasteners I used Kampsnaps in different colors. As I now knew we had a girl I used purple and pink snaps instead of neutral ones. On the yellow jumpsuit I also added an iron-on application (with glitters) to make it a little more girly. I’m still thinking about what I can add to the blue one, any ideas??

The fit of the jumpsuit is very nice. The legs and sleeves are the right length and due to the cuffs any socks will stay on as well. The shape of the back pattern allows room for a diaper, but changing a moving baby can be tricky as you have to take the legs out completely. So maybe I’ll hack the next set with buttons down one leg to make changing a little bit easier. Or maybe one of you have tried that already?

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See you next time!

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