For my last blogpost of this year I wanted to make something for my two little nieces. I really liked the back of the Litore dress, but with the fabric I had in mind I couldn’t use the skirt option. So I went through all the dress-patterns and found the Solis. This dress has a pleated skirt option, which made it possible for me to use the fabric panel I had.

For the top part of the dress I used the Litore pattern and followed the patterns as is. I chose to use a solid pink tricot fabric which was lighter weight as it was a summer dress after all. For the straps I used the same fabric as the skirt. I thought of doing the straps in two colours, but while cutting I forgot.. Next time!

For the skirt, I only needed to cut two rectangles per dress. I got the fabric with the Amsterdam houses from my mom, when she was sorting out her fabric bins. I hemmed the bottom edge by hand, as the fabric was curling up too much.

For the smaller size (size 6 and smaller) the skirt has four pleats in the front and back, while the larger size (size 7 and up) has six pleats. As I didn’t put in a label, the difference between the pleats helped me giving the dress to the right girl 😊.

The girls liked their new dresses and can now enjoy their summer holiday! Hopefully, the weather will be good!

Summer greetings,

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Litore child 12M-14Y
Litore Adult and child bundle
Litore Adult size 34-54

Solis child 12M-14Y
Solis Adult and child bundle
Solis Adult size 34-54


Litore meisjes 80-164 (PDF)
Litore bundel dames en meisjes (PDF)
Litore dames maat 34-54 (PDF)
Litore meisjes (digipapier)
Litore dames (digipapier)

Solis meisjes 80-164 (PDF)
Solis bundel dames en meisjes (PDF)
Solis dames maat 34-54 (PDF)
Solis meisjes (papier)
Solis dames (papier)
Solis dames (digipapier)


Litore Filles 12M-14Y
Litore Femmes et filles
Litore Femme 34-54

Solis Filles 12M-14Y
Solis Femmes et filles
Solis Femme 34-54





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