Last Friday I told you we where testing the Nivalis tunic and dress and I showed you the simple tunic version. Today we are a little bit closer to release (date is set for feb. 8)…. So far testing is going great. Only a few minor things about the instructions came up. I am happy. Fit looks great and I can’t wait to show off all the great tester pictures that I am seeing in our testing group. During this test I made one more Nivalis dress so that puts the number on 5 total, but I am not showing you that one today.

Today I will show you the first Nivalis dress I made. My little diva calls this one her ‘Elsa dress’. I never thought about it being that untill she told me it is. Now that she mentioned it I can see it though. The color, the snowflakes.

This dress is option A with the hood. Option A doesn’t have the color block line. It’s quick and simple and great for featuring beautiful large prints. I added the waist tabs and use buttons as a detail. The hood comes up to halfway the front neckline and it only lined in the front.


The hood is sewn in between the bodice and the neckband. So the neckband goes all the way around the neckline.


The hood is not lined. If you prefer you can topstitch the seam of the hood or cover it with bias tape. On mine I left it the way it is.


I am in love with this fabric. I bought it a Joyfits and it hasn’t been in my stash that long. I am so happy I used it on this dress. My little Diva has worn this dress a lot already. The blue looks really cute on her.

Pictures aren’t great I know. It was a dark and cold day. My little Diva had her mind set on wearing a knitted hat…. I actually think she was making a statement 😉 Can you tell by her face that she was in the mood……


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3 thoughts on “So far, so good…..

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you <3

  1. Mirjam says:

    Looks great! I’m curious about the testers pictures 🙂

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