Result of the giveaway…..

If you have read the Guestpost from Essence you should now be able to understitch. Follow the rest of our Guest Blogtour, where we will be showing you a more techniques that you need for our patterns. Or how you can add a nice detail. Every Guest post will be celebrated with a giveaway.

And for the first giveaway the winner is: Ivy Jansen. Congratulations Ivy. You have won a copie of the Amare top and dress pattern.

Wondering about the rest of the schedule, here it is:

October 7: Understitching Adventures with Bubba and Bug
October 19: How to add pockets to a dress Heartmade by Suzy

November 2: How to adjust to skinny or plus sizeBoutique Birdie
November 16: Shirring TFrail Designs

December 7: How to mash up patternsTales of a Tester
December 21: Sewing with knits Shani Sews

Januari 8: Sewing on the perfect binding Droomstoffen
Januari 14: How to make your on bias tapeBoevenbende

Febuari 1: French seams Winingwife
Feburari 14: Handstitching the right waySprouting Jube Jube

March 7: Buttons/buttonholes Maryall Made
March 14: How to alter a patternDeka Wear

We hope to welcome you again.

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