It is here. Let’s all get ready for summer with the Solis Tunic and Dress. You know you need this one. It twirls, it’s comfortable and if you love pleats, you have them!

First, let me give you a little info. The Solis Tunic and Dress comes in sizes 12M/80 to 14Y/164. It is not designed for developing chests, but with a little adjustment it can work. It’s made for knit fabrics. No zippers or closures. This pattern has a lined bodice, so the only seam visible is the waist seam. The recommended sewing level is advanced beginner to intermediate. The Solis Tunic and Dress will be on SALE for two days only. ($5 excl. EU tax). Visit our shop or scroll down to get the link.

Sofilantjes solis dress by victoria

The Solis Tunic and Dress has a fitted bodice and playful straps. Choose between the circle skirt or pleated skirt to create different dresses. Use the tunic length on the pleated skirt to add even more options.


The pleated skirt has 2 pleats for the smaller sizes and 3 pleats for the larger sizes. The instructions show you how to create box pleats, but feel free to change it if you prefer.

Solis dress pocket (1)

The pleated skirt is also the skirt that has two lengths, Tunic or Dress length.

Solis Jurk maat 92 pretest (6)

The circle skirt only has one length. The perfect twirling length.

Solis dress- alyssa circle

Up until my last dress (blogging about it soon) the circle skirt had been my favorite. The little lady loves the twirling, but during testing I noticed so do the big girls. To be honest, I adore a good twirling dress for me too. Makes me feel girly 🙂

Solis dress circle skirt sofilantjes

Fabric always is a factor in how a dress looks. Dress it up or down. Anything is possible. Lucky for us there are sooooo many beautiful knit fabrics out there.

Solis dress sewn by Marie Claude11

Solis dress sewn by jennifer 2

The back strap gives the opportunity to give a pop of color, add a special element, or just keep it in the same fabric.

Sofilantjes solis dress by melissa

Solis tunic- sofilantjes by pauline

Solis tunic- sofilantjes tiffany

Solis dress sewn by Inspinration back

Can you tell I love the back of this pattern. So many possibilities to play with. Are you in love yet? I promised to give you the links to the listings, so here they are. DUTCH or ENGLISH. Oh, and do not forget to come to our FACEBOOK GROUP if you are not already in there. Maybe you can enter our competition and win your money back…

4 thoughts on “Releasing the Solis dress

  1. Tamara says:

    It’s beautiful!! The bodice with the special back is just wonderful!!

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you

  2. Patricia says:

    Maybe I say this a lot when you release a new pattern, but this one is just THE BOMB! 🙂
    The back is so stunning!

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