We are doing it two more times this year! Yes, you are reading this correctly. Two. In 2017 we will release a pattern fit for a king and a pattern fit for a queen. The queen’s pattern is in testing right now, but because we know you have limited sewing time, let’s release the king’s pattern shall we? You are going to love this one. Allow me to introduce, the Regem (King) Shirt.

You asked for a boy pattern didn’t you? Well, here it is. The boy in this home is excited. So are the boys that were testing this pattern. Who can blame them? It’s such a great pattern and such a nice fit on them.

Yes, you saw that correctly. There are girls in the collage too. It’s unisex! Not all of us have only boys or only girls. Some of us boy moms have queens too and the queen wants what the king has… We had some beautiful queens.  They did a great job!

Back to the pattern. The Regem Shirt is a great filler pattern. You can get a lot shirts done in a little bit of time. It features a simple option. Normal sleeves, normal bodice, a relaxed fit, a bit longer sleeves and a relaxed neckline. The other option is the color block option. It has a curved color block in the back, Color block pieces on the front shoulder and color block at the bottom of the sleeves. You can mix and match the options so eventually you can create 9 different shirts (not counting the fabric choices or hacks).

This pattern is beginner friendly. Just make sure you mark your pieces so you will not switch them around. If you feel confident, try a few hacks, like adding binding to the colorblock seams or sewing both the short and long sleeves on one shirt.

Do you love it yet? You’ll love the sale price even more… Be quick and get this great shirt pattern for only €6,05 (incl. EU tax). Sale will end on Sunday 23.55 CET
Get it in your language here:
French – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/chandail-regem/?affiliates=53
Dutch – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/regem-shirt-pdf-nl/?affiliates=53
Emglish – https://www.sofilantjes.com/product/regem-shirt-pdf-en/?affiliates=53

Plus, we are playing a fun game in our Sofilantjes Sew and Show group. Come and join. Get inspired and maybe even win your money back.

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