Did you know Solis means Sun? So actually this dress is called Sun dress…. I think it fits the design perfectly. Also, one of the testers last name is Solis. So we had a Solis in a Solis dress. Funny right?! She looks beautiful in it though, let me show you.

Sofilantjes Solis dress

Did you get your Solis tunic and dress pattern copy yet? Sale only lasts one more day (today). After that the price goes up. If you did see this to late, we are hosting a fun competition at our Facebook group where you can win your money back. Check it out HERE. In case you are looking for it, the pattern can be found HERE.

Solis Tunic Sofilantjes-19

After seeing so many beautiful tester results it is impossible to show you all of them in one or two posts. There’s just to many of them. But I will try.

Solis tunic- sofilantjes back by kirsi

I can not tell you my favorite, because I like them all. Every single dress/tunic represents a personality. And is worn by a beautiful and proud girl.

Solis dress by Danielle 4

The pattern really looks good on them all. Big or small.

Solis dress 12M side

The different skirts and skirt length gives such great results.

Gal originals- front Solis dress

I love this pattern. I know I say that about all my patterns, but it is true. I love my patterns. They are all handmade with love.

Because this post will go on forever if I show them all, let me just create a collage for you with a few pictures I have not shown you yet. And these aren’t even all testers results….. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ready for the Solis

  1. Tamara says:

    I love the name of the dress (and the dress of course), it must be so cool to have it as your last name 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      I agree. Such a great last name!

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