Are you getting ready for summer. We are. You must have read already that I wanted to hold a petition to get the sun over here. This white skin begins to become transparent. Seriously if I stand against a white wall you will only see my hair and eyes….. Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

Summer! I love summer. And I love summer dresses. That is why the next pattern will be a summer dress. A summer dress with two skirt options, two lengths and the most awesome back detail. Let me show you the first test version (actually the second but the first one I do not have on camera yet). There is just one thing that is not good about this dress, but it shows we all make mistakes. I pulled the clear elastic at the neckline to hard. You’ll see.

white feathers-solis dress 3

This dress has a circle skirt. The bodice on this dress is very fitted. The neckline needs some attention and sewing slow is recommended. But it is a beautiful comfortable dress. How long do you think I can keep it white? I vote for untill next time she wears it 😉

I love the back on this dress. By choosing a different fabric you get to add a pop op color. I used a soft pink for this dress. It suits the white beautiful.

white feathers-solis dress 4

So maybe you can’t see the back detail that well with her hair down. This means you will need to wait untill the next blog post…. See you in a few days 😉

12 thoughts on “Ready for summer

  1. B-Naais says:

    Dit is helemaal mijn ding! Wauw wauw wauw!

    1. Anne says:

      Ik ga ervan blozen 🙂

  2. Tamara says:

    You love teasing don’t you? Looks very promising.. I really should find a girl to sew for :p

    1. Anne says:

      Maybe a little 😉

  3. Anke says:

    Een echte zomerjurk! Mooi!!!

    1. Anne says:

      Ja he. Heb er zin in! Laat de zon maar komen.

  4. kirsi says:

    Very beautiful little model. I love the fabris choice and I adore the pattern! Hope I don’t miss the tester call! I think we need few of these for the summer.

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks <3

  5. Inspinration says:

    The color pop is such a fun idea!

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you

  6. Karly says:

    I cannot wait for this pattern to come out!!!

    1. Anne says:

      and you have not even seen the other dresses yet 🙂

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