Purple. Not my husbands favorite color. But it is a cute fabric isn’t it. I had saved this fabric to make my little diva a pyjama shirt. It would be perfect for that. Eventually it became something else. I guess this fabric really wanted to become an ADVTee 😉

ADVTee woohack.com 7

This is shirt no.3 for little miss diva. She now has two of these button versions. For girls this is my favorite option of the pattern. For the buttons I used Kam Snaps. The purple is cotton lycra so I lengthened the ribbing.

ADVTee woohack.com 5

In my other post about the minions shirt you saw my son wearing sunglasses. My little diva thought it would be fun to wear her hat. This hat was made by my mother last year. It still fits her really well.

2 thoughts on “Purle deers

  1. Die ADVTee’s zijn allemaal om ter leukst, zalig patroontje, ik ben fan! Foto’s samen vind ik ook niet evident, vaak probeer ik hen al spelend te fotograferen, maar dat vraagt meestal veel geduld. En hen eerst even buiten laten uitwaaien helpt hier ook al wel eens 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      Dank je.
      Buiten is nu niet echt fijn maar zeker een goed idee. Ik ben toch meer dan van apart. Gemakzucht.

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