Have you heard about Project Run and Play?

It is a competition between seamstresses (they call them designers) around the world. Four designers get challenged to create a look that matches a weekly theme. In total there are four themes and through voting and judges you earn points. The designer with the least points drops out. In the end only one designer will win the competition. Playing along with this competition is a real honor. This season (season 20) PR&P is going Europe and we are invited! Anne will be playing along and hopes to be the last one standing. We’d love it if you follow along and of course, if you like what Anne made, vote for her and help us get to the next week.

Excited?! Let Anne show you what she made for week 1. Also, you can read Anne’s competition blogpost HERE (It’s a fun post to read)

Assignment week 1: Wanderlust
What makes your location special? Explore the uniqueness of your area, share its distinctive personality, and leave your audience craving more.

Have you ever thought about how you can show what makes you location special in an outfit? What is unique about your area and how do I make people want to come and visit? I didn’t. Not ever. So when this assignment came up I had to think hard. What is so special about where I live (other than me living here of course…).

Uhm… Water, bikes, old and new. I can work with that! It so happens that before Miss Rainbow was born I bought this beautiful Nosh fabric (they stopped shipping outside of Finland shortly after). Blue water fabric, because we did not know if we were having a boy or girl. It was perfect for this project. The water fits the many beautiful canals we have. Plus we have a history with sailing overseas. I also had the perfect white jersey to match the white in the Nosh fabric. I bought this from Lillestoff. With these two fabrics I sewed up a new dress design (that I had already drafted before going back to work in February). I call it the Risu Dress. It is designed to fit our Dutch climate and the name, well it fits the girl I designed it for. She is my happy, funny and beautiful Miss Diva. Can you see the little Sofilantjes twist. It has a faux wrap back. I think this completely fits into our culture. It’s a simple dress with just that little bit extra. I talk more about this in the PR&P blogpost I wrote.

To match the dress and leggings (these are Bonnie Leggings) I made her a matching jacket. In the Netherlands during spring the temperatures rise. We can get our short sleeves out of the back of our closets, but we still need jackets. Plus, the rain. We need to be able to cover ourselves for rain. The jacket I made using our Foliis Jacket and Dress pattern, but I changed it up a little. The fabric I used is a quilted jersey with just a little bit of stretch. So the original cuffs would not be comfortable. Also the armhole needed a bit more room. So I made the waistband and sleeve cuffs the same width as the main pieces. The waistband I sewed on in a different way (More like the bias tape method) and I added facings for the zipper. To the hood I added grommets and string. I think this came out so cool!

To match the outfit I had to find her the perfect shoes. So I chose these white sneakers with Dutch colors at the foot sole. I really hated that I had to buy her new shoes. But I took one for the cause…

All designers are asked to make a flat lay picture. Have you ever taken a good flat lay? It’s a bigger challenge that I though.  So fun though! I have to admit it was a two-man job. My little Hero helped me. He added the whale. Left to right, these were the ones I made.

Eventually I decided on this one. Do you have a favorite?

So, there is just one element missing in the pictures above… Did you notice? Yes, the bikes. Here it is. It’s our competition title picture.

Do you like what I made? Would you love to see what I have in store for next week? Head over to the PR&P website HERE and give me your vote. Thank you in advance.



2 thoughts on “Project Run and Play, challenge accepted

  1. ~T~ says:

    This is a cute outfit, and I love the pictures!
    My son is getting ready to spend two years in the Netherlands and Belgium. I look forward to learning more about your beautiful country!

    1. AJacobs says:

      Thank you. Such a big step for your son. I am sure he will have a wonderfull time here.

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