I have sewn a lot of Semper Sweaters! But since my little Diva actually is not in a pre-test size, I borrowed this beautiful blond sweethart. She is my best friends little treasure. I love this little one. I made her a Semper Sweater dress. It is a little long on her but still looks great. And just like her mom likes it, print on print. Because that can be cool!

Semper dress add on-sofilantjes patterns

I gave this little blond Diva a hood as per her moms request. She is a skinny tall one. The pink stripes even make her look taller. They grow so fast!

Semper dress add on-sofilantjes1

This is option B of the pattern. Option A in a dress I have shown you before. The dress add-on is free. You will get it when you buy the Semper Sweater. And…. since this add-on is also made for the Omni Tempore pattern, we are adding it to the Omni Tempore listings too. If you bought the Omni Tempore in the past go check your account for the pieces (after release).

For those of you that have bought it somewhere else, find your pattern pieces in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show Facebook group! (after release)

Semper dress add on-sofilantjes

One thought on “Print on print does work

  1. Tamara says:

    Wow, I love it!!! A little long but it works great for a sweater dress!!! She looks beautiful in this and it’s comfy!! I want one for myself 😀

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