We are happy to announce the release of our Foliis Jacket and Dress.

The Foliis Jacket and Dress is the perfect pattern for the colder seasons. It’s a short dress that you can pair with leggings or warm tights. Use French Terry or lightweight Fleece with at least 25% stretch to sew up a few warm dresses and jackets. With the three options: Cropped Jacket, Long Jacket and the Dress you will be sure this pattern is worth its money. The stretch in the fabric is needed due to the slim fit of the pattern.


The Cropped Jacket is the perfect jacket to wear on top of our skirts like the Gemini Skirt Bundle or the Free Liv skirt that you can find in our Facebook group. But it also pairs great with our summer dresses, like to Litore or the Solis.

Or just wear them with jeans. It really is perfect for a lot of outfits.

The Long jacket has a slim fitted waist and flares at the bottom. It is a jacket that can be used as a tunic. (To short to be a full dress.) This jacket is perfect for those ladies that do not want to wear pants, only dresses. The jacket looks great with skinny’s underneath or maybe just a simple Orbis Skinny Harem (affiliate link) made out of jeans jersey….


We are in love with the bottom. But if it is too much for you, you can always just draft it less wide.

The dress is the third option. It looks to be the most popular one. It’s perfect for winter, and with the zipper that opens up to the waist it is the perfect dress for the little ones that are learning to dress themselves. But the tweens seem to love it too. Now you can make your hair pretty and put on the dress after without having to do it again.



And did I mention the pockets yet. Perfect for hiding anything you do not want others to see. Like that little toy. Or to keep your house key….

The one feature that the designer is most proud of is the hood. It is designed to sit almost flat on the back when wearing down. Plus it stands up a little at the back neck. You know, because of the cold winds we get during our colder seasons.




Now for the best part. The pattern will be on SALE for 48 hours starting Nov 28 CET 12.00 (midday). You are able to buy it for only €6.05 (incl. EU VAT) here:
English pattern
Nederlands patroon

2 thoughts on “Pattern Release: The Foliis Jacket and Dress

  1. Miranda says:

    Another winner, I love it!

  2. Delphine says:

    oooooh jaloers dat ik hier niet meer in pas 😉 volgens mij zou het ook nog prachtig staan bij tieners en volwassenen 😉
    in ieder geval een mooi patroontje

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