Pattern Release of the IRIDIS DRESS.

If you were looking for the perfect holiday dress, or just looking for something cute and different, this is it! Meet the Iridis dress. As some of you noticed we’ve decided to give our patterns Latin names. This is because of two reasons; 1. we design in English and Dutch and wanted to use the same name for our patterns, 2. we love the names, they are different.

We’re always in search of finding the perfect name for our patterns. The Omni Tempore is a shirt that can be worn ‘all the time’. And this dress, well this dress looks like a ‘rainbow’. Congratulations, you just learned a little latin…woohoo! Lol!

Now, the Iridis dress is a wrap dress with two sleeve lengths. Pretty simple right. But….

It’s actually two patterns in one.

It has two skirt options and each option asks for a different fabric. The cotton version (option A) has a panneled skirt. It gives you some nice clean round lines, just like a Rainbow. And… for those that like to sew knits, there is the knit version (option B). This skirt has three layers of knit fabric and the hemlines are ruffled. You still get the ‘rainbow’ look though.


For the hemlines you can use a rolled hem. But if you do not like rolled hems… The cotton version can also be finished with bias tape. The knit version does require a rolled lettuce hem.

sofilantjes-size 14 iridis

The pattern comes with English or Dutch instructions and two pattern files. This is because both skirts are drawn differently and flair differently. And to give you a heads up, there are A LOT of pattern pieces to print and tape. But after printing and taping, it is a very quick sew. Just make sure you hold on to those pattern pieces for your next one 😉

sofilantjes-holliday version

Did I mention the huge size range? You can use this pattern for sizes 12 Montht/80 to 14 years/164!
size chart

The pattern is suitable for advanced beginners and those that have more experience than that. If you are an advanced beginner and you’d like to try but feel a little overwhelmed, just come to the ‘sew and show group’ and we can all support you.


Are you as in love with this pattern as we are? Good news! You can get your copie now for only $ 6,25 US untill sunday (CET). So hurry and get started. Oh, and if you’s like… Let your model design her perfect dress with the coloring pages.coloring pages This way you know what fabric to buy 😉
fabric inch

fabric cm

Happy sewing, and thanks for stoping by.



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