Photography Tutorial

Week 1: Settings

I am excited to spend this month with you all and hopefully together we can all learn more about photography and how our cameras work to get the best photos possible.

Week 2: Composition

This week I thought it would be best to talk a little bit about some rules of composition when you take a photo. I also thought we should learn a little bit about lighting and various backgrounds.

Week 3: How to get them to pose

This week we are talking about posing people, especially kids, in photography, and some tricks to get kids to pose (not an easy feat!).

Week 4: Editing

This week, since it’s our final week, I figured the best completion of our photography month would be to talk about editing our photos.

Pattern Tutorials


Hibernis Cowl construction (there is nothing wrong with your computer, there is no sound…)


Iridis wrap dress (retired pattern)



Montis Tunic and Dress

Mantica dress