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Day 3 of the Orbis Skinny Harem Blogtour. So far we have seen amazing things and the good news is: we have several days to go!

Monday – Sew A Piece of Joy, Droomstoffen

Tuesday – Colorita Design, Pattern Revolution, Adventures With Bubba and Bug

Wednesday – MoonStar – WonderMirakel (for the Sofilantjes blog), Ronda B. Handmade, Sew Cucio

Thursday – Annas HeirloomBoutique, TurtleBirdies, Inspinration

Friday – Tales of a Tester, Kreatita, Pear Berry Lane

A while back I showed you a Semper with a Twist. I planned an Orbis in a coordinating fabric, I even cut all the pattern pieces. Time caught up with me though; we all know how that goes. This blogtour was the perfect project to get back to this Orbis.

Although sewing the faux-fly isn’t that hard, I did make some pictures for those of you who can use an extra visual explanation.

You sew all the parts like the instructions tell you. When you get to the general instructions, these are the first few steps to sew.

With good side together match the front leg 1 and front leg 2

Sew the front leg 1 and front leg 2 together.

Fold the fly down, thus creating a pleat.

Now continue with the instructions. It’s that easy!

Those big pockets are so cool. Although the pants are a skinny fit, my girl manages to put those pockets full of contraband, or maybe just her hands!

The fabric suggested skateboarding (did you see the skater girl?)… but inline skates will do just fine.
Took her to the local skatepark. She was thrilled when she mastered the ramp.
But also got a little intimidated by the big boys taking over the skatepark after a while. They were very nice though, keeping out of her way so she could still enjoy the ramp while they were trying their tricks on the quarter pipe, rails, boxes and curbs…

Hoping you are all enjoying this blogtour as much as I am. Have you read the past blogposts? If not, please do so, all these great talents deserve your attention.
Also, keep an eye open because we’ll be giving away some goodies by the end of the week!

Sew A Piece of Joy, Droomstoffen, Adventures With Bubba and Bug, Colorita Design, Pattern Revolution, MoonStar – WonderMirakel (for the Sofilantjes blog), Ronda B. Handmade, Sew Cucio, Annas HeirloomBoutique, TurtleBirdies, Inspiration, Tales of a Tester, Kreatita, Pear Berry Lane

8 thoughts on “Orbis Skinny Harem – skater girl

  1. Aukje says:

    Great photo’s that fit the pants perfectly!

    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you!

  2. Ronda Bowen says:

    Love the pants! It looks like she had a ton of fun in them too!

    1. Patricia says:

      Thank you – she did have fun… had to put the pants in the laundry that same evening 😉

  3. Kreatita says:

    Nice Orbis – and what a cool girl you have!

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