One more post…..

Is it to late to show you just one more? Is the sale over yet? Lets try if it is. Click the link HERE or HERE to see for yourself. Who knows…..

Can I just show you a few more?


little girls Hibernis Cowl Shirt

Aren’t they pretty?! I know. I need to sew so many more of these….

Hibernis- 5

Love the colors on this one. But I also love the next one. Different fabrics can create a whole different look.

Hibernis- 1

Lets stay with red for the next one. But color block the front.

Hibernis- 4

And we all know strawberries are sweet. Just like this shirt.

Hibernis- 3

But sweet can also be pink. Look at this pretty one.

Hibernis- 6

And last but not least. My favorite tester and model. The one person I know has her own style. What’s not to love about a little girl who knows what she wants.

Hibernis- 2

So, this was really the final post. There are more pictures but you will need to come to the Facebook group to see them all. Hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “One more post…..

  1. Zo’n leuk patroon! Hele mooie versies zag ik al.

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