After the release of the Omni Tempore kids we are now ready to release our newest pattern. It is finally there. Our very first adult pattern.

Meet the Omni Tempore adult.

A versatile pattern with lots of options for both men and women. Now you can make Omni shirts for the whole familie 😉

Omni kids and adult

This pattern has a wide size range from sizes XS to XXXL.
Omni Tempore-size chart

There are instructions on how to shorten en lengthen the sleeves and bodice so you can use this no matter how tall or short you are. Create a shirt/sweater that is all to your liking. Use the hood or the collar. Finish with hems or with cuffs. Add the waistband and the kangaroo pocket. Mix and match untill it is the perfect shirt. The overlapping collar gives you the option to stand out. But also can help make the shirt perfect for work or everyday.

Sofilantjes- collar short sleeve

Sofilantjes- hoodie long sleeve

Use the Omni Temore Adult to create a nice winter hoodie or to create a lovely summer shirt.

sofilantjes-size xs

sofilantjes-hoodie size M

One more plus, it is beginner friendly. Not only is it easy to make, it also takes you about an hour to create it (depending on your sewing skills).

sofilantjes-Omni Tempore adult

sofilantjes- Omni tempore adult

Get the Omni Tempore Adult pattern in our own shop HERE with a 30% discount (untill nov 3rd CET) or buy the Familie Bundle, also on sale with 30% discount. No code needed.




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