Colorblock the Magistra

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Colorblock it. Follow the instructions below.

1. Measure and cut out your block on the pattern pieces (both front and back).

2. Cut your pattern pieces.

3. Add seam allowance to the fabric where the cut has been made.

4. Measure and secure the pivot point, the bortom of the V-shape, on both pieces together with a pin.

5.Sew the pieces together, preferably with an elastic seam on your houshold machine. Flip the fabric at the pivot point for a neat finish. Cut a notch in the seam allowance at the bottom point of the V all the way down to the seam.

6. Flatten out your front and pack pieces, give them a good press and topstitch if you like.

7. Follow the instructions to assemble your Magistra.

Enjoy your new Magistra.

Tutorial and picture credit: Jenny Svensson.


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