Today we will show you one of the versions of our newest pattern that’s in testing this week. This pattern is designed for girls. It is a slim fit top with cowl option. Prinses seams. Pockets. And lots of room for your emagination.

We call it: The Hibernis Cowl shirt.
Meet option B. This option is the simple one.


For this shirt I have used the cowl option. The Cowl sits loose around the neck. The cowl tabs keep the cowl in place.

If your little one rather not wear cowls (like mine does) you can leave the cowl tabs off and go with a simple neckline.


Or let het wear it on her back 😉

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Fabric from Michas Stoffecke

4 thoughts on “New year, new pattern testing

  1. Laura says:

    Wauw!! I would totally buy this one, what a great feature. Love the detachable cowl neck <3

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you. More to come!

      1. Laura says:

        I would love to make one for the daughter.
        She is going on ‘schoolsnowweek’ and I have the perfect fabric!
        When is the release of your pattern? <3

        1. Anne says:

          If everything goes well. Next friday. 🙂

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