It has been a while since our last release. After a small break that turned out to be a bit longer than expected (no reason, just enjoying life) we are back!

So please meet our newest pattern: The ADVTee.

V top 2

The ADVTee is a classic V-neck shirt pattern with a little extra. We added another neckline option (option B). This option is perfect for those kids who have bigger heads or just need more room in the neckline when dressing. Plus it looks soooo cute. We also added a front chest pocket.

ADVTee (6)

Sleeve options are short and long. Sleeves and the bottom of the shirt are hemmed. We wanted to keep this pattern simple. But you can always add extra’s yourself of course.


The pattern comes in sizes 12M/80 to 14/164 and is perfect for both boys and girls.

ADVTee size 14

The pattern comes in two languages, English and Dutch. Instructions use graphics and pictures.


Now for the best part. The pattern will be on a release sale for two days. Yes I know, a very short timeframe… But you will only pay $5 (excl. eu tax) so hurry to the SHOP and get your version now!

8 thoughts on “New release: The ADVTee pattern

  1. Good luck with the pattern release!

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you

  2. inspinration says:

    Lovely pattern again, great for both staple good and special items, I can’t wait to hack it into a dress 🙂

    1. Anne says:

      Me to! Lol

  3. Congrats on the new pattern! And wow, your site had a make over too, looking good!

    1. Anne says:

      Thank you. Glad you like It.

  4. Tootie says:

    I just love your patterns! All of them!

    1. Anne says:

      Thanks Tootie

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