The little blonde lady had a haircut. She wanted it short. Her mom agreed. And she is rocking her new hair. I made her a dress a few weeks ago and today I finally got her on camera. That hair looks so cool!

Fox Solis dress- Sofilantjes11

Her mom picked out the fabrics for her dress. This dress fits her personality. It’s a cool dress. She likes dresses and she even likes the girly ones, but unlike my little diva, she doesn’t do sweet.

Fox solis dress- Sofilantjes 1

The back straps are made out of the same fabric that I used for her little brothers outfit. The outfit they took him home in.

Fox Solis dress- Sofilantjes12

The dress is the Solis dress with pleated skirt. I love the pleats. She loves the dress. It’s a winner.

Solis dresses- Sofilantjes 7

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