Wouldn’t it be my luck that I find my new favorite summer dress at the tail end of the summer?  I recently made the Litore Tunic and Dress and it was love at first sight.  My favorite part is the back detail, but more on that later.  As the name suggests, the Litore Tunic and Dress can be made as a dress or a tunic.  The Litore actually has 2 different bodice options as well as 3 skirt options.  I love a pattern with different views!

A very good friend of mine traveled to Egypt last year and on her way there she made a stop in Jordan.  She saw this beautiful blue and black knit print and got it for me.  I’m so happy I held on to it because I think it’s perfect for my Litore Dress.  This fabric has great stretch and is light weight but not too thin.  Based on my body measurements I made a size 42 for the bodice.  As the pattern instructions state,  I chose the 42 based on my high bust measurement.  According to the sizing chart, I should have cut a size 46 for my skirt.  I did cut a size 46 and it was way too big.  I ended up making a size 42 with no modifications, straight skirt, knee length option.  I really like the way it came out.

Let’s talk about all the things I love about the Litore Tunic and Dress pattern. I love the back detail so much. It looks complicated, but the pattern instructions are very detailed and I had no issues at all. The straps in the back have clear elastic attached at the seams to help the straps from stretching out. I had never used clear elastic before, although I had it in my stash in preparation of bathing suit making. I used my serger to attach and close the seam all at the same time simply by placing the elastic on top of the seam and serging. Just don’t trim too much because you will be cutting into the elastic. I also love that the shoulder area is wide enough for you to wear a regular bra if you like. You aren’t limited to a strapless bra.

Lastly, I love how quickly the pattern came together. The most complicated part of the dress is the bodice, but the pattern instructions also include illustrations that were very helpful when I had to attach the lining to the straps and the bodice.

I’m telling you, if you pick up this pattern, you won’t regret it.  You can really have fun with all of the different prints that are out there right now.  You can purchase your Litore Tunic and Dress HERE.  I almost forgot to mention that the Litore Tunic and Dress also comes in children sizes so you can dress up your mini and do a mommy and me look.  The Litore Adult and Child Bundle can be purchased HERE.

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