Do you love the colorblocking on the front of the Velocitas? Do you want to carry it to the back? Melissa, Amanda, and Deborah have you covered.  We have modifications for the back of BOTH versions of the Velocitas.

Let’s get started.

Option A
We need to prep our new back pieces.

1. Get your back bodice (1) and your front bodice Option A (2).  Place your front bodice piece on top of your back piece matching shoulders and mark where the front bodice ends on your back piece.

2. Now we are going to make your new colorblock piece. Trace the neckline, shoulder, and arm of the back bodice.  Make sure your length matches your front bodice piece.

3. Do you remember that line you made on the back bodice piece? You can fold your pattern piece at that line. That is your new back bodice. To check your pieces, lay 2 and 3 together and your new top back and bottom back pieces on top. All pieces should match.

This is what your pieces should look like sewn up.

All sewn together. We have a happy customer.

Option B

1. Gather pieces for front bodice option B. Pieces numbered 12, 13, and 14.  You will also need the back bodice (1). The piece that needs the most focus is 12. We need to modify it for the back.

2. Trace piece 12.

3.  Now take your back bodice piece (1) and match a shoulder. Draw in the neckline.  Flip the piece and draw in the other side.  You now have your new back piece for the top colorblock.

4.  To get the other 2 pieces for the back you need to cut out pieces with the right side of the fabric facing down. To save time you can fold the fabric with the right side up and cut 2 pieces at the same time.  This will give you mirror image pieces.  Repeat that for pieces 13 and 14.

5. Then follow instructions for sewing up the front for your new back pieces.

Another happy customer.

Simple enough right? It does not take any longer to make these modifications to your Velocitas. We would LOVE to see your modified Velocitas. Be sure to show us your makes in our Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show. 

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