Today, we are releasing the Micis Skirt. This quick to sew skirt with an abundance of options will keep you entertained all year round. The skirt comes in a wide sizes 3-6M to 13/14 and has both narrow and wide skirt options. So even if your taste or that of your daughter changes, you can still continue making her skirts.

The pattern is designed for stable knit fabrics with at least 40% stretch. The waistband contains elastic which makes ensuring optimal fit very easy.

Option A has an off center single pleat, making this option perfect for all kind of color block options. Almost no piece is too narrow to become an awesome contrasting peeping pleat.

Option B has a double pleat, which creates a symmetrical front, but it is of course possible to have to different color pleats as well.

Option C  is a cross-over with a contrasting band.

Option D is a faux cross-over, meaning that there is flap on the front but there is a closed skirt underneath.

Option E has a simple pleat both on the front and the back.

The back of the first four skirt options is straight, the fifth option, the simple pleated one is the same as the front.

Many of our testers actually sewed quite a collection of skirts and we simply love twinning pictures.

The pattern consists of five pattern pieces which nicely fit together on just eight pages (A4 or Letter) or one A1. This means that not just sewing will be quick, so will be preparing the pattern.

Here you can find the English version of the pattern.

Hier vind je de Nederlandse versie van het patroon.





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