We are now officially ready forum summer! Let the sun shine….

The Mantica tunic and dress is here. We are happy tot introduce it to you. With our last release someone in our Facebook group made a list of the pattern names and translations. We get to add Mantica to that list. Mantica stands for backpack. Can you see why?

Exactly, because of the cool front colorblock. But how to finish that Backpack look? Well this is how…

Isn’t that cool. But just one back option is no back option right? So we added two more to make sure you get some use out of this pattern.

And… One more….

But then there are three back options. Will that be enough to create a few different dresses? No? I fully agree. So we added two skirt options to. And, we added two lengths to the gathered skirt. That makes three!

We do have one confession to make. Did you notice it? The short skirt might have been the most populair option. Off course we love all our options but it is a fun option.

On to more info about the pattern details and SALE.
The pattern comes in sizes 12M/80 to 14y/164. It is made for knit fabrics. The instructions come in either Dutch or English. Pattern pieces come in letter/A4 size. The pattern will be on release SALE for 48 hours. You can get yours for only €5,- excl EU taxes. Plus, you get a chance to win your money back. More info on how to win your money back is in our Sofilantjes Patterns Sew and Show group. See you there!
Link to the Dutch pattern HERE
Link to the English pattern HERE

2 thoughts on “Mantica tunic and dress released

  1. Patricia says:

    All these dresses are just stunning!!!

  2. Marie-Claude says:

    I love the short skirt too! I need to try the gathered skirt now!

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